About Us

Here is a word from the Owner, Ryan Pieszchala:

So after years of working in the pool industry for my parents, I decided I wanted out. Well, once the chlorine is in your blood, you can’t escape it. It’s like a black hole, it just sucks you back in. So after college, and working for my parents again, I made a resolution. I resolved to not just treat this like a job…. but to seek excellence in my work. In 2000, I obtained my Certified Building Professional (CBP) designation from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP)

I have attended continuing education seminars every year since then. I have improved the product that I deliver each year. Other industries do it, why should I be any different? The pursuit of refining my product for my customers, seeking to further my design abilities, keep up with current trends in energy efficiency and technology has paid off immensely. I have such fulfillment in my work. I get up every day EXCITED to go to work. To build something where nothing existed, that will bring years of fun memories to families….. man…How cool is that?? On top of that, it provides a good living for me and my family.

I love what I do, I mean…. when you think of fun times, there is usually sun and water involved, right? I love this industry, I love my clients, I don’t think this will ever grow old.